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Creative Wall Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

Searching for inspiration for new wall decor for your room? Such blank walls are full of opportunities, and a few upgrades may transform a house into a home. Get up to 30% off o wall décor items by redeeming the Dormify Coupon Code. Get these wall decoration ideas that can give your home more style.

Choose Functionality Ideas For Wall Décor 

Wall decor ideas must be functional as well as attractive, warm, and inviting. This is especially important in an entryway because it receives a lot of traffic and wear and tear. The upper and lower portions of the wall work best for entryway wall decor, suggests Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri. This necessitates taking into account very hard surfaces, such as wallpaper or paint finishes from the floor up, and wall paneling ideas for the lower portion of the wall. Even then, if you have kids or pets, I would make sure the paint or wallpaper you choose is wipeable because it will unavoidably get scuffed.

Create Brand-New Wall Designs For Living Rooms

Even with the addition of wallpaper, very simple architecture can result in very one-dimensional living room walls. But if you hire a carpenter to make wall panels that go with the design of your decor and the age of your house, you can completely change the look of the room. Although the wallpaper and paneling in this case both have curved edges that add visual interest, it's important to note that Nina Campbell used vertical panel shapes to give the illusion of higher ceilings and a larger space.

Include A TV In Your Plans For Wall Decor

It is possible to combine TV wall ideas with eye-catching living room feature wall ideas, and while doing so with a wall-mounted TV can work, it has a much more powerful impact when the TV is built into a storage or display unit, as in the apartment shown above. According to Jo Bailey, Deputy Editor of Homes & Gardens, "Kelling Designs has deftly incorporated the TV into the wall decor system in this room, with the use of contrasting paint colors to help the TV blend away a little into the background, allowing the display of china to become the main focus." Doors could be easily integrated into this type of unit so that the TV is completely hidden when not in use, allowing the wall decor to take center stage.

Select A Kitchen Color

As we strive to create kitchens that are as lavishly decorated as your living spaces, color has never been more popular than it is right now. This can be explained by using kitchen wall décor ideas that go beyond what we may have previously employed. For instance, Andrea Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors, cites this Little Greene wallpaper as the ideal option for anyone looking for farmhouse kitchen wall décor ideas. The impact is increased by matching the kitchen cabinet color to the primary accent colors in the wallpaper.

Adopt The Trend For Murals Inspired By Nature

As seen above in one of our decorating shoots and perhaps more famously in Gwyneth Paltrow's dining room designed for her by interior designer Brigette Romanek, interior designers have enthusiastically embraced the trend for nature-inspired wall mural ideas, according to Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens' Editor in Chief. Murals look great on dining room walls because they make hosting guests a genuine experience. Additionally, since dining rooms aren't always used, a decorative element with a big impact doesn't have to be overshadowed by daily views. 1Thrive Coupon Code aims to give savings to people who want to do wall decor in their homes.

Be Brave In The Restroom

When it comes to bathroom walls, which typically need to be much more practical to handle the damp conditions, interior designers typically advise their clients to be braver than they might be with other wall decors around the house. Powder rooms are frequently featureless, sometimes even lacking windows, so why not? asks Jen Ebert, deputy editor of Homes & Gardens. And since they are the only area you might want to decorate to surprise visitors when they arrive, you should really go with a riskier option. You might like to splurge on that gorgeous wallpaper you can really only justify purchasing one roll of since they are typically small spaces.

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