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Category: Home Decor

Creative Wall Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

Searching for inspiration for new wall decor for your room? Such blank walls are full of opportunities, and a few upgrades may transform a house into a home. Get up to 30% off o wall décor items by redeeming the Dormify Coupon Code. Get these wall decoration ideas that can give your home more style.

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Different types of Bedroom Mirrors for your Bedroom

Mirrors are a must in every house. Before leaving the house for the day, they assist in making sure you look your best. In my own home, there are numerous mirrors in various sizes and forms. Here is a quick guide to some of the various sorts of mirrors you should seriously consider for your space if you're just starting off with bedroom mirrors décor!

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Different types of Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Décor

These objects are exactly what you anticipate them to be: any lamp, pendant, or fixture used to light the rooms inside your house. Different types of lights are typically designed to enhance your current furniture arrangement in addition to simply brightening your space. This includes any lamps or other fixtures you add as well as the fixtures that are already in your home when you move in.

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