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Save Time and Money with These Multi-Purpose Hand Tools

You probably carry multi-purpose hand tools if you frequently run into the unexpected, prefer to be ready for anything, or consider yourself a real-life MacGyver—the kind of person who strolls. These hand tools have advanced significantly since the Swiss Army knife of your childhood fantasies. There are now many, some with more than 20 hand tools or functions, made by a variety of firms. Scroll down to view the outcomes of our test after taking a look at key factors to take into account when purchasing your next one. Banggood Coupon Code can be redeemed in buying home products at low prices.

Blast Clogs Away

I always use this Drain King drain cleaner GT Water Products to clear up challenging obstructions. When homeowners are unable to plunge clogs out of basement, bathroom, or kitchen drains, I attach this equipment to a garden hose, feed it into the drain, and then turn on the faucet.

This is how it goes: The patented dispersing valve of the bladder causes the pipe to vibrate while shooting water jets to safely and chemically free remove the clog.

Gerber Gear Dime

Despite being smaller than a Bic lighter, the Gerber Gear Dime is a powerful and enjoyable tool to use. It has a ton of practical hand tools that can be attached to a keyring, including clamshell cutters, scissors, pliers, a bottle opener, a knife, and two screwdrivers (for safely slicing open retail packaging). The Dime has some nice touches, including a bottle opener that is mounted externally (similar to the Skeletool CX), precise plier jaws, and a fun array of colors (black, green, and red). And the price is typically below $30. However, unlike other hand tools of its size, the knife's blade does not lock, and its pliers are more useful as tweezers than the ones that come with them.

Unger 2-in-1 

A telescoping pole (not included) can be used to extend the reach of the 14-inch rubber squeegee blade. The tool gets excellent reviews on Amazon. "Great small gadget. One reviewer claims, "The silky microfiber section holds the water solution and softly cleans the glass. The water is subsequently swept away by the rubber, leaving the glass streak-free. The handle's ergonomic design and screw thread allow for the attachment of a longer shaft to reach higher windows, which is the best feature.

Gerber Gerber Armbar Drive Multi-hand tools

There is more room for what companies do include when they don't try to cram a ton of hand tools or functions into one multi, and the quality often improves as a result. With Gerber's Armbar Drive, this is true. If you want to do budget-friendly shopping for your home then use the Vevor Promotional Code.

With its svelte minimalist frame that only has three main hand tools, we must admit that we have grown quite fond of it. It has a full 3-inch, locking plain blade and functions as multi-hand tools based on a pocket knife. Although it wasn't the sharpest right out of the box, it was still capable of whittling and sharp enough to cut through paper, plastic, rope, twine, and steak with ease. A hex-bit driver and scissors are located on the side that is opposite the blade. The driver has a reversible bit in a magnetic holder, which we enjoy because it provides genuine flat and Phillips screwdrivers that simply function, without any frills. The scissors were simple to control and slightly larger than those on other models when cutting out intricate shapes from paper to medium cardboard. A small, pointed awl is located between the scissors and the driver. This worked great to make holes in wood and plastic, but it also performs admirably when used as intended to pierce leather and canvas.

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