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Chairish Shipping and Returns

Found a stunning mid-century modern sofa on Chairish that makes your heart sing? Fantastic! But before you hit "Buy Now," it's crucial to understand the platform's shipping and return policies. While Chairish offers a curated paradise of home furnishings, navigating its logistics can feel like traversing a vintage furniture maze. Fear not, intrepid treasure hunters! This blog is your map to navigating Chairish shipping and returns, ensuring your dream decor arrives without hiccups (or heartbreak).

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Chairish Shipping Policy:

First, understand that Chairish is a marketplace, not a retailer. Each seller sets their own shipping rates and methods. Here's what you'll encounter:

  • White Glove Delivery: For premium pieces, opt for white glove service, where professionals ensure safe delivery of fragile items. Expect a higher cost, but peace of mind comes at a price.
  • Freight Shipping: Larger furniture often travels by freight carrier, requiring specific arrangements like curbside delivery. Prepare for potential unloading challenges, especially with limited physical strength.
  • Standard Shipping: Smaller items often utilize standard shipping through carriers like UPS or FedEx. This is typically the most cost-effective option, but delivery times may vary.

Chairish Returns Policy:

Returning an item isn't always smooth sailing, and policies differ by seller. Here's the scoop:

  • Full Refund: Some sellers offer generous return policies with full refunds, even covering shipping costs. This is rare, but a delightful surprise when found.
  • Store Credit: Many sellers offer store credit for returns, allowing you to exchange your treasure for another gem on the platform.
  • No Returns: Some, especially vintage sellers, have strict no-return policies. Carefully scrutinize photos and descriptions before buying.

Tips for a Tranquil Transaction:

Communicate with the seller: Before purchasing, clarify shipping methods, potential fees, and return policies. Open communication paves the way for a smoother experience.

  • Factor in all costs: Don't just focus on the item price. Include estimated shipping costs and potential return fees in your budget.
  • Read descriptions carefully: Scrutinize photos and descriptions for item condition and dimensions. Unexpected surprises can lead to return woes.
  • Insure your treasures: Consider additional insurance, especially for valuable items, to protect yourself from shipping mishaps.


Remember, Chairish is an adventure. Embracing the thrill of the hunt, being a savvy shopper, and understanding the shipping and return landscape will guide you towards decorating your home with unique finds, without getting lost in the logistics labyrinth. So, keep these tips in mind, explore with confidence, and prepare to welcome your vintage or contemporary gems into your haven with open Chairish Discount Code!