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Ideas to Renovate your Home with Premium Quality Furniture

An outdated piece of furniture can be given new life by a simple, do-it-yourself technique of updating it. You can easily adapt used items or hand-me-down premium quality furniture to suit your tastes and needs with a few hours of work. A fresh coat of paint or stain is typically applied during the procedure to add new color, texture, or shine. Although painting premium quality furniture may seem simple, there are a few essential details to be aware of in advance to make sure the color applies evenly and adheres properly. To paint furniture and achieve a durable, lovely finish, follow these tips.

Decide Which Piece Of Furniture To Paint

Consider whether the piece is an antique before choosing a piece of furniture to update. Painting an antique could potentially reduce its value because some antiques are valuable. If you intend to sell the furniture later, for instance, keep in mind that midcentury modern premium quality furniture typically sells well as-is. So go ahead and update that great-China grandmother's hutch you've had in the garage for the past 20 years if you know you won't use it otherwise. The value of an item depends entirely on how much you value it if you don't intend to sell it. And rather than letting the furniture item deteriorate in storage, renovate it if a bright blue paint job will make you appreciate it more.

Select the Ideal Furniture Paint

It's crucial to pick paint made especially for furniture, like spray paint made to stick to wooden surfaces. Consider the kind of finish you want, whether it's sleek and contemporary or textured and distressed. For painting premium quality furniture, milk- or mineral-based paints, acrylics, and chalk-style paints are all excellent options that can be used to achieve a variety of looks. Similar to color selections, the only real restriction on paint options is usually a personal preference. Take a few samples from different brands and experiment with them until you find the finish that you like the most. Save up to 45% off on premium quality furniture by using the 25 Home Coupon Code.

Prime Before Painting If In Doubt

Some paints, such as those with chalk finishes, claim to be able to adhere to premium quality furniture without the need for preliminary sanding. There are always exceptions, though. Use a primer if you want the best finish and adhesion. Old paint and stains that have been there for a while may bleed through your freshly painted surface, changing the color of your paint even after several coats. In general, you can assume that stains will be visible on items that appear to have a reddish tint. Priming is advised whenever possible. Some furniture paint lines sell primers or stain-blockers made specifically for use with their paints.

Before Painting, Prepare Wooden Surfaces

Painting previously stained premium quality furniture will draw attention to its attractive architectural details and any blemishes or flaws. For best results, make sure to fill holes and sand out scratches before painting. Even a distressed finish will benefit from some preliminary maintenance and repair. Want to save up to 40% on premium quality furniture then Ashley Furniture Coupon Code can be redeemed anytime.

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